• Lydia Lucas

Four Tips For Reviving Your Prayer Life

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective

James 5:16

I’ve heard scriptures about the power of prayer so many times and, in my heart, I believe that God does give us this powerful tool to connect with Him and wage spiritual war on behalf of others. So, why is it then, that of all of the things to do and habits in our lives, prayer many times can either fall by the wayside, or becomes more of a chore that we muddle through rather than a privilege that we relish in? 

Yes, we do have an enemy who wants to keep us as ineffective as possible and distract us from fulfilling every last drop of our God given potential. However, as with most things in life, we also have to take responsibility and be intentional about focusing our time and efforts toward wielding the power of prayer. 

If your prayer time is feeling lackluster, daunting or overwhelming, here are some tips:

1. Set a time and be realistic about it. Put prayer into a consistent slot in your planner or to-do list for each day. Don’t get caught up in how long the time should be, the point is to just show up for that time and then be “present” and resist distractions. The length of time may adjust every day, just show up - showing up is half the battle! God is faithful to meet you there.

2. Keep an easily accessible list of people and circumstances to pray for. Whenever something comes up that needs prayer, write it down in a journal or in the notes section of your phone. I find having a list helpful in making sure that my mind does not drift and also ensuring I make good on all of those "I'll pray for you's" that I utter throughout my day. The YouVersion Bible app also has a section where you can keep track of prayers which is pretty nifty.

3. Don’t worry about how you sound...PLEASE! God does not care about your grammar, the cadence of your speech or how much like your perception of an ultimate prayer warrior your prayer sounds. Prayer is a candid conversation with God and although He already knows exactly what we need and what we are going to say, there is nothing like getting into the habit of talking to Him and opening up as we would with a dear friend.

4. Schedule time of prayer with others. Just like working out with friends, I love the dynamic of engaging in prayer with a group of others. This doesn't replace your own time with God but can be the extra motivation and encouragement needed when you are in a dry spell. You can also be someone else's encourager which is such a blessing.

You got this! On the other side of your prayers, God is listening and moving for your good. It can be discouraging when we feel like a prayer isn't being answered or like we can't sense God during our prayers but keep praying in spite of your feelings. I am rooting for you!

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