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Fighting For Your Quiet Time

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

I don’t know about you, but I'm just not strong enough to get through all this unscathed. Parts of me are being scathed. Parts of many others are being torn limb from limb in a seemingly merciless and brutal manner. In spite of acts of kindness and lighthearted anecdotes, the cruelty of loss and despair still hangs in the air. I can’t pretend it’s not there and I can’t succumb to it. What can I do? What have I learned in so many heartbreaks, disappointments, times of fearfulness, lack and downright spirit crushing circumstances? I’ve learned that there is a place that I can run to. There is a hiding place, a fortress, a secret destination where my weary soul can find rest and my overactive mind can find pause. It’s where the doubts can get doused in timeless truth and wrung out until they come forth as renewed faith. It’s where I can feel so small and safe because my God is so big and protective. It’s where I find acceptance and abounding love with full transparency and awareness of of my flaws. When I have gone too long without visiting this place; When the get up and go of life seems to be more urgent and prevailing than the sit down and be still in my time with God, the effects are palpable. I begin to run on my own strength, my perseverance and fortitude trickling out of me with every task, perceived offense and frustration. I am not empty though, they are at once replaced with exhaustion, desperation and bitterness. I know that I have a propensity to go to that awful place. I also know that the secret place in God is the antidote...and I fight my way back there. Back to my father’s arms and not false security , back to His love and not human approval, back to Biblical truth and not tactical jargon, back to what I have always needed and will never stop needing.

If you are full of fear, run back to the secret place.

If you feel alone, run back

If you are cynical, run back

If your heart is broken, run back

Run back with anger, run back with unaddressed issues, run back if you feel like absolutely nothing is wrong and you are at the top of your game. Run back if you feel like everything is wrong and can never be made right again. I’m praying for you to run back. I’m praying that I will always run back.

The beauty of it all is that, no matter how much time has passed, no matter what’s happened in between, God is always here welcoming us, loving us, helping us get through this peculiar season...a season for which we were made.

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