I can say with full confidence that my life is an example of what it means to wait on the Lord. I  have seen God take me from a broken life filled with empty pursuits to a beautifully imperfect wife, mother, professional, and minister. If you are looking for a perfect life on display, you will need to keep looking. What you will find is a woman who uses her gifts of inspiration and leadership to encourage women to give to God the broken pieces for a wholeness they never knew they could have. 


Through preaching, teaching, and singing (in a Gospel Ensemble), I have been able to share the message of God's love and redemption with so many women...it is my passion and I am nowhere near done!


My husband says that my approach is witty and unabashed. I’m just not afraid to "tell on myself" in connecting with women and meeting them right where they are. 


I know what is to see God renovate my life and my mission in life is to see that happen for others. I hope that through this space you will be challenged to push past whatever expectations you have of life and trust that God can do newer and better things than you could have ever imagined.