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“This book is beautifully written. Engaging, funny, and unflinchingly honest, this is a story of heartbreak and hope, brokenness to restoration and in it all, God is glorified."


—  Charmaine DaCosta, Associate Pastor, New Light Baptist Church of NYC

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A New Thing: Finding True Love after
and Disappointment

A story about discovering God's unfathomable love in the midst of heartbreak.



If you are single, then you may be wondering “Will I ever find true love?” You may have had your heart broken. You may have been disappointed over and over again. The person you thought was truly “the one” may have turned out to be a heartache. You may have tried to make things happen – push a little, prod a little but to no avail. You may have cried your eyes out over the love you once had or the love you are desiring. You may have given up, thinking your past has counted you out for God’s blessings. You may be questioning God’s promises and plans for your life. If that’s you, then Lydia Lucas can relate.

In her book, A New Thing, Lydia invites you on an event-filled journey through the hills and valleys of relationships. Relatable, honest, and at times humorous, Lydia invites you into her world – the world of a single mother living in Spanish Harlem, New York, trying to find true love.

No matter who you are, the reality is that with life comes unexpected blows, and A New Thing is a faith journey that reminds us that even when it does not look like it, or feel like it, God is faithful to His promises. This book reminds us that it is in our deepest, darkest moments that God shapes us, draws us and does a New Thing in us. Journey with Lydia and you too will discover that true love is possible after heartbreak and disappointment.


From Lydia: I share my cringe-worthy and heartbreaking moments openly in the hopes that it will connect with other women who feel like there has been too much hot mess in their lives to ever be able to dream and receive again. Watch my trailer for more information.


"Wowza! I could not put this book down! The gritty truth of a journey that many women find themselves on is painted as a picture of redemption in these pages. From NYC clubbing party girl to a leader of leaders, Lydia takes us on a fantastic journey to empathize with and possibly relate to a messy life turned right side up. She let go of what she thought she wanted to embrace what God had her to become; which is something everyone can relate to, as we let go of the patterns of our past to press forward for God's best." - Rev. Tracy Galloway, Founder of Selah, a Women in Ministry Leadership Collective

"I received this book today and was so happy I took the time to read it in its entirety. To be honest, I thought I would skim a few pages and put it off for later. Five pages in, I was hooked and allowed Lydia to take me through a day of introspection of my own life while she shared her story. If you're simply expecting to learn about her journey, then please be ready to do that and learn so much more. Her devotion and connection to God are heartfelt and she truly demonstrates how wonderful He shows up when you let Him in. This is definitely a must-read for those seeking a stronger connection with God and inspiration for those looking to find love." - Angela

"For such a short read this book is packed with so much love, wisdom, knowledge, and encouragement! I also deeply admire the honesty and vulnerability Lydia shows in this book. It’s so completely relatable. I am definitely gifting this work to other young women. I am certain they will find it as encouraging as I did!" - Josette E. Newsam

"This book was thoughtful and well written. The insightfulness and transparency of the writer are what make this book so worthwhile for anyone who has endured heartbreak. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a glimpse at what it looks like to rely on God to truly order your steps while striving to attain your heart's desire. I am absolutely looking forward to more from this author." - Dylan Cole

"This is not a story of the perfect Christian doing all the right things and then everything works out beautifully. Instead, it's like most of our stories - full of flaws, mistakes, regrets, impatience, tears, misunderstandings, and grace. Lydia is open and honest about her imperfections and slip-ups. But when she finally gets it together, it's still not an immediate happily ever after. Instead, it's a deepening of her own faith and trust in God while he is working to make all things new. Full of encouragement for women everywhere!" - Jenny Lytle

"This is a must-read. Lydia was not only transparent about her life but she honed in on so many channels that we face as women. The desire to be wanted, loved, married, and in some cases willing to settle. Until the light goes off and you realize your worth. You realize that you were created for a purpose and that patience is truly a virtue. As a married woman, this book spoke to me about patience. Yes even in marriage you have to have patience. My pictures depict me so proud of Lydia and my excitement for holding her first book in my hands. Me having to turn back to a page that spoke to me directly and me finishing this book with a reminder that in God’s time my heart's desires will come as long as they are according to His perfect will and purpose for my life. This book will be a Blessing to anyone who reads it." 

- Amazon Reviewer

"So I have to first say this, I like to read but I have moments when I won’t pick up any books; I also tend to start books and somehow never finish...this book had me in every single emotion you could think of. Laughter, frustration, tears, tears, tears (haha). This book is not about finding love, it’s about finding you in God and the ugly, beautiful, scary process of it all. I believe this book was written at this point in time for women struggling with understanding their worth, past hurts, rejection, fear, accepting singleness and its purpose, and most importantly surrendering! God has a plan for us all. This beautiful author shares her story filled with vulnerabilities to give us hope, not just about finding a future husband but hope for finding wholeness and being completely content where God has us until we are ready for what He has next.

This book has set me up well for 2021! Please go get it! It will change your perspective and truly help you with your “Why”!

Chica! Thank you for being obedient, because of you many women will have some serious “aha” moments." 

- Tricia Philbert

"The saying, “never judge a book by its cover” is a true statement. The cover and the first few chapters displayed to me romance with man and the world but I quickly realize that this book is a love letter to Father God. The book goes into detail on how Father God, rooted, watered, and grew the writer into the spiritual warrior she is today. Chapter 7 page 113-114 says, “the one that was a hot mess is now the one people were calling for prayer and guidance”. My experience and heartbreaks are slightly different from the writer but I can truly relate to how Father God will pick you up and turn you around if you believe and let go. Amen." - Chase

"A New Thing.....this book spoke volumes! This book isn’t about getting a man or thinking if I am good then God will bless me with a man or even sitting around just hoping that the one will show up. This book will teach you about being transparent with yourself, going to the throne and bare it ALL to God (LEAVE IT THERE), TRUST that God will give you what you need and could ever imagine, and lastly wait PATIENTLY which is the hardest thing to do but that’s where your tools (reading, meditating and applying the Bible and prayer partners just to name a few) come into play. I’m a married woman and this book has taught me to be patient and trust the process of what GOD will do. There were no dislikes for me when it came to A NEW THING!" - Amazon Reviewer

"I love how Lydia writes in a way that doesn't imply that if we just do this or that I'll get what I want. No! She lets us see her experience in a way that teaches every woman to honor God regardless of what we want, regardless of the thing that we're struggling with.

I enjoyed learning more about her as a person as well as her walk with God. I know that I can go back to this book and find scriptures that I can use in my everyday life. I don't feel like I need to lie, cheat, and steal to gain my desires. Not only that, I'm empowered by the scriptures she shared to stand in the midst of discomfort, stress, anger, and the unknown."
 - Stephanie Farmer

"Lydia Lucas is a true storyteller! Her transparency is refreshing and so relatable. Reading the book is like being on a journey. Lydia doesn’t just share her process but she includes a roadmap identifying potholes, dead ends, and detours. Best of all, she freely shares the shortcuts- allowing the reader time to reflect and hope. It doesn't matter that my life circumstances are different from hers. As I read, I realized the circumstances are different but the solution is the same. This book is so encouraging- a must-read!" - ACB

"I had so much fun reading this amazing love story. I was completely drawn in and invested in the author's journey, that I almost woke up my kids in the middle of the night with a loud cheer! (We were on vacation, and sleeping in the same room, lol!) Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the read, but as a single mom, it renewed my hope that love in its purest form is still a possibility. I look forward to reading more work from Lydia Lucas!" - Karen Valentin

"I loved everything about this book! I say it was delicious because it fed my soul (heart)! It was relatable, honest, vulnerable, tearful, funny, and hopeful. First time in a very long time that I read a book in its entirety. I couldn't put it down. Get yourself a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and enjoy a great read!" - Linimary Molina

"A New Thing...A true-life story about finding love after Heartbreaker and Disappointment" is a wonderful read!! You will be entertained and inspired. Read on your own or read in a book club group!! Either way, you'll be blessed and glad you read it!!" - Letrice Cherry-Sturdivant 

"This book is a must-read it made me cry It made me laugh it made me learn patience. I totally could relate to some of her chapters and that God delivers his promise." - Moe

"This is an absolute MUST READ!! I received the book on 12/28 and finished in 2 hours!! It’s heartfelt and amazingly truthful. The author addresses her journey with truth and humor. I am so happy that I purchased this book!!" - Carla Silvestre

"This book had a very strong message In regards to focusing on your purpose, Listening to God, and having patience. The author was very transparent in her struggles and mistakes and the book is very powerful for any young person who has been wondering if God is really going to listen and answer their prayers.

It's written in a tone that is not condemning, but comforting. The author did a very good job with this book, and it's something you can refer to more than once.

I received a copy of the book via Netgalley and am voluntarily leaving an honest review."
 - Shannan Harper


"This memoir is such a delight, the author takes us from hitting rock bottom to having a change of heart, to love and finding the abundance that's always been there from God yet she just didn't see it and it got my wheels turning as well of all the times I thought I could do it all and how much it weighed me down until I let God in. 


I love the cover and the tone of writing is pleasant as well.

This would inspire Christians and young women to live to their highest selves and love themselves more. Thanks, Netgalley for the eARC." - Dora

"This book is so easy to read, relatable and good for anyone period! Whether you consider yourself Christian or not, all of us experience love and heartbreak, and this story is full of life lessons in an unfiltered digestible way!" - Monton L.

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Gimbiyas Blog


"Ever read a book that had you eager to read more, to turn page after page desperate to see what happens next?


A New Thing by Lydia Lucas was that book for me. Everything about this book from the introduction to the last chapter was an amazing read for me..." - Read Full Post Here

The Reading Hideaway

"Lydia Lucas had me at, "The person you thought was truly "the one" may have turned out to be heartache" and when I saw that she was writing it from a faith-based perspective, I knew I had to request a copy for myself.  This book was an easy read that had me nodding along in agreement from time to time.  When I finished, I wanted to be her friend!  (Is that weird..?)" - Read Full Post Here

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